HARDAM Co. has been proudly engaged in various activities since the second half of 1991. This active role of HARDAM Co. has gained it a large experience and a very well established reputation of being a reliable company both inside the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and outside the KRG areas.
MOF Opens Haj Omran Custom Complex (19/1/2009)
  On December 23, 2008, his Excellency Minister of Finance Bayiz Talabany, accompanied by the Deputy Minister.
Building the touristic village of Kareze at Mawat sub-district (20/11/2008)
 Hardam Co. has started the construction of a touristic village of Kareze about 2 Km south of Mawat sub-district.
Opening Internal and external roads (1/3/2008)
 Opening Internal and external roads with pavement within the entire area of Customs huge perimeter.
In the Spot Light
Implementation of other 28 water-sanitation projects in Balissan valley(Khalifan)
distribution net in Sharcina village, Alana valley.

Construction Projects
  • Construction five Nurse Houses in five villages in Sedakan Sub-districts area North Erbil
  • Services projects in Jondian area"Soran" (sewer, water supply and road) and re-design many part of project.
  • Construction of two (six classrooms) school and two staff house in Kasnazan suburban of Erbil.
  • Construction of a school (6-Classroom) and teacher house in Harir.
  • Construction of 102 shelters in Mergasor area.
  • Construction of 03 staff houses in 3 villages in Rosty valley (Choman area) 155 Km North of Erbil.
  • Construction of 03 staff houses in 3 villages in Alana valley (Khalifan). 110-115 K NE of Erbil.
  • Construction of one (6 class room) School, one Health center and two staff houses in Sharcina (Harir).
Implementation of 35 water-Sanitation projects in Mereba-Duhok area in addition to drilling 03 Artisan wells with providing piping and submersible Water pumps in the same area.